Anca Sabau

“Left-handed Human Rights” is an artistic endeavour which incorporates the branded t-shirt, as representative of reality in painting.

The work is grounded in the idea that branded objects carry with them messages with varying degrees of power. It is well known that branded clothing worn in public spaces represents a very conventional advertising media. I therefore use this same support to collate canvas-printed photos, which subjectively illustrate several of the 30 human rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

T-shirts are then glued on canvas, and procedes to clothe characters whose faces or masks are painted very rough, as instinctively and clumsily as possible, but inspired by and starting from the photos on the shirts. These characters seem to shout their rebellion yet are restrained by similar links as those that manipulate puppets. Thus, they are deprived of their individual rights and powerless to react.

This project was born out of personal indignation, fuelled by the effrontery of the Romanian political class that treats people as a mass of political maneuver to satisfy their own egos, rather than respond to the Romanian reality. These politicians rely on the ignorance of the population regarding the natural human rights (right to life —in sanitary hospitals—, freedom —as long as you are allowed without being misled and intimidated by the various political and media channels—, the right to property —that you can appeal to the courts, etc.) and juggle, without discernment, with people’s social rights, which they partake in as much as they desire and according to the urgency of an election campaign.

I hope the display of human rights on art media will strengthen their reception by the public, which in turn can become more informed or be reminded of them, while enjoying the novelty of a painting exhibition as a whole.

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